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The famous anime culture has its origins in ancient historical epoch of the universe. Even some may say that the anime is a part of Japanese folklore. Today it is our perceived as a separate genre of movable art of Japanese, which is a unique collection of cartoon and movie frames. Simply put anime is drawn film. But it should be noted that sometimes it reflects the theme is not for children. Art works of this style have defined boundaries for thematic subjects. Rather to say that such a work can portray different: from cartoons to movies and video games. Basically, this style is divided into children's anime, anime teen, anime for men and women. Games anime teen style are the most popular, and they can also be separated by gender. Here, for example, anime games for girls are characterized by specific schematic drawings, which are very similar in appearance to the cartoons and special attention dedicated to the male characters. As strange, but games for girls anime mainly consist of simple dress or gripping quests. Men's toys of this genre are mostly represented in the form of the already familiar action movies and erotic games. Moreover, the strong half of the game for more varied than for the female audience. Anime games for girls are not different special attention to the main elements of the story toys. They focus more on the relationship with the opposite sex and the corresponding friendship. Such online toys are very far from modern counterparts, and little different from the offline versions. The property figures in the game such as that would not have tried the game developers and artists inflate it, but the weight of such a toy is quite far from modern analogues and standards. Anime online games originally used rare examples of typical patterns. But it is worth noting that from the very beginning of this genre came from the Japanese erotic art of the ancient period. It is because all of the major creations of developers and focused on the tastes and requirements of the male audience. Women remains to rejoice that there is today. After all, a woman in Japan is still limited access to higher education, and to create a real anime is not a native of this country is not possible. Since this culture need to understand and be aware of all the details of the beginning, from the very birth. So the game in the style of anime fans will find more of their men.

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